Bringing you the perfect combination of
skill, support, and strategy.


Home-Based Services

Individualized ABA therapy at home is a perfect starting point that offers familiarity and comfort to children who still find large spaces too stimulating. By providing ABA therapy in a safe and nurturing environment, it allows children to master new skills in a setting where they feel most comfortable.

Telehealth Services

A convenient mode of therapy that utilizes friendly video technology to deliver services virtually without compromising quality. Telehealth provides an alternative to in-person services and improves access to remote specialists, thereby increasing supervision and communication. Through enhanced supervision and communication, both patient outcomes and satisfaction are improved

Simplifying theProcess

Raising a child with autism is hard. 
Getting services shouldn’t be.

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Roadmap-Our Enrollment Process

Step 1:

Submit an
Inquiry Form

A quick and easy submission process that will only take 1 minute to complete. If you have more questions, you can also schedule a call and speak to a team member directly.
Step 2:


After we receive your inquiry form, you’ll receive a call from our intake team who will help determine your eligibility for services. Our team will walk you through your insurance plan and requirements. Like most insurance companies, securing a diagnosis for autism (ASD) is required for ABA therapy coverage.
Step 3:

Schedule Initial Evaluation

One of our BCBAs will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and develop a customized plan of care including the number of hours of therapy to be provided per week.
Step 4:


Once the treatment plan is approved and authorized, we will coordinate implementation and schedule a start date for your child’s therapy session.

Results You Want

Executive Function

Expand your child’s ability to succeed by following directions, staying focused, and displaying self control.

Behavior Modification

Reduce or eliminate negative behavioral patterns and replace them with more productive ones.


Break down the challenge of mastering a specific skill and reach goals, step by step.

Your child can succeed in:

Daily function

Language skills

Emotional regulation

Social skills

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Ready to start the journey?